July 2, 2011, 1:23 am
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Made an order from AJPS almost 2 months ago for the Rear spring height adjusters that finally came in. Thinking I could just cut my current TRD spring shorter for the adjusters to work, but no I was wrong.

The spring would need to be around 5.5″-6″ for it to be functional. I tried cutting the TRD to 6″ and that shit is short and there is a possibility of it slipping off the rear end.

Ive tried many custom spring sites on the net but no luck finding a 4-1/4″ inside diameter OR 5-1/4″ outside diameter spring.  What makes it even worst is that it has to be around 140mm – 160mm tall which is pretty much impossible to find. I could just buy the AJPS springs but I would be spending $250+ on a pair from a different country.

I sent  a few emails out to Stance and Megan asking if they would sell the rear spring separate from the coilover kits. Megan Racing got back to me that it is possible but it has to be special ordered, saved!


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what shocks are you using? i cut my trds two looms and they havent slipped off since i adjusted the droop accordingly. if you’re really that scared just tack them onto the rear end.

Comment by onelungderryl

Im using HTS’s. I ended up selling those spring adjusters and using these springs that I got off a parts car. There like half an inch smaller in diameter so they dont sit flush.

Comment by bkh808

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