October 17, 2010, 8:20 am
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Ran into the first problem. Steering column mounting is a bit longer on the AE86 compared to the TE72 mounting.

AE86 (left), TE72 (right)

Need to shorten the distance of the AE86 one. Hopefully cut it and have a friend weld it back sometime this week. Been so busy at work.


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why change the steering column at all though?

Comment by Sam-Q

Hopefully get to the complete AE86 Dash I want to use one day.

Comment by bkh808

brice jut like to make things harder than it has to be.

Comment by kyushakai

I’ve done the swap. I just drilled a hole for the shorter distance.

The BIG issue your going to run into is the fact there is no secondary support for the ae86’s tilting column.

Comment by discoquinn

ah I see, and that gives me an idea, I wonder if it’s possible for me to mod my column to make it even higher than the highest setting on my car? yes I also like to make things painful for myself! I mean who else makes their own steering boss?

Comment by Sam-Q

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