Rub a Dub
September 6, 2010, 11:03 pm
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Semi fastened the rear chrome bumper. Took some quick snaps.

Still rubbing in the rear on the driver side, I really want to drive the car already.

I need to get rid of those yuck ’82 tail lights.


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but you’re making progress 🙂

did you purposely rub that blue area to look like some Japanese demon?

Comment by Isidro


Wow you actually guessed what it was. Everyone else that sees it in person thinks it’s a Egyptian eye haha.

All of that is going to come off soon when the car is one color!

Comment by bkh808

oh cool :D. what color did you say you were painting it?

Comment by Isidro


Comment by Isidro

Looking mean as fuck!!!!

Comment by Philly

high in awesome.

Comment by discoquinn

What front susp u rocking?

Comment by Philly

AE86 struts/brakes with Tokico HTS shocks, Homemade coilovers 8kg, T3 Camber plates and RCA’s.

Comment by bkh808

composed entirely of win!!
looking sweet, really nice fitment. what lights will you use instead?

Comment by Dave

I got 80/81 early year tail lights. They look alot better.

Comment by bkh808

fuck your 80/81 taillights. mold in some supra taillights.

and fix that goddamn rust hole and paint your shit.


Comment by kyushakai

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