August 5, 2010, 5:58 am
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Basset Wheels contacted me today and said they ran out of 14×8 shells so their not going to have them for another 4 weeks.

Yoparts.com sent only 2 of 3 ARP studs I ordered, supposedly they sent the other one today.

Had some spare cash so bought Single Beam 4300k HID’s, something not too bright but will see alot better with.

Also still looking for a place that would make brackets for my bumpers. Fuck my life.


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I know your pain. Paypal charged me 150 twice and when I call inda to get my money back they ack like it’s me banks falt _

Comment by Phillydoom

What bumpers? Brackets are usually very easy to craft at home. Go rummaging through the scrap bins outside of body shops and muffler shops for good metal.

Comment by discoquinn

KE70 chrome bumpers. I totally would make them myself but I have no welder, which I should be investing in one.

Comment by bkh808

Basset lightweight D-slots??
I was eyeing them up the other day, they seem a bargain. Looking forward to pics of them fitted dude, -12 FTW!

Comment by Dave@garagehachi

Yep The D slots. Good for their price, can’t imagine spending $1200 for wheels at a times like this. One day haha. Can’t beat -12, fits so nice on my car.

Comment by bkh808

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