What a Bummer
June 6, 2010, 7:43 am
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So just found out I am on academic probation at my community college. Kind of sucks but I wanted to take a break from school next semester anyways. Looks like ill be working and paying for heath insurance but will be saving ALOT of money not driving 30 minutes and in traffic morning.

It’s so hard saving for something big when there are a bunch of little things you can buy at one time. Hopefully by the end of summer there are going to be alot of changes! I’m excited.

Anyways “AE70” car from AE86Dc with new 2.5 in exhaust. Sounds so bad ass.


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i was on academic probation for 2 consecutive semesters and was kicked out of school after the 2nd semester. then i wrote a letter to the dude who kicked me out, and he let me back in. so i started my original blog to help keep me focused on my goal and trying harder in school. and it worked lol. now im doing a lot better in school.

dont worry, Brice, something good always comes out of something bad/unfortunate. now u have time to do stuff to/with your car!!

Comment by Isidro

This is an Ae71 by the way haha. Davey Clarke owns it.

Comment by Lachlan

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