Stupid me
May 25, 2010, 10:46 pm
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Haven’t driven my car in about a week, it was raining so I just had to go drive. In my head it is never OK to say “One more time” to yourself.  Ending up getting caught by the fuzz or crashing.

Over steered a little too much, spinning out, hoping the curb and hitting a electric box.

Rear end shifter to the passenger side.

Surprised it still holding air.

Both rear springs fell of the perch.

Impacted so hard quad lights fell off.

Culprit to the rear end shifting, stock panhard bar bent like a paper clip.

Thank god I had a T3 spare.


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it hurts me

Comment by Isidro

Aw man, poor mk3’s. At least the passenger side fitment looks pretty nice, haha

Comment by HENRY!

God damn, sucks to hear. Hope you get it all back together better than ever

Comment by te72spl

Ouch! MkIIIs are made out of solder and tin foil. Way too easy to bend. The panhard rod is crazy! You must have hit it hard man.

Comment by 86Life


Comment by enoezam

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