May 3, 2010, 11:53 pm
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Went to school but decided to go to Toyota instead LOL

Grabbed the front and rear seal for the T50 I will be using for my 20v.

Started from the Rear

Then the Front

All done, wish I could do more but gotta go to work…


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looks really cool, i got both of those seals but i have only installed the front one so far. I have a suspiscion that my tranny is leaking though so im really stressed hoping i dont have to pull it out again.

Comment by te72spl

Yah I remembered this time, when I did my 5 speed swap last year I should have done the same. It’s been leaking ever since.

Comment by bkh808

mean the invite.

Comment by kyushakai

Fricken 5 minute job!!!

Comment by bkh808

Ok now abuse the hell out of that combat tranny.

Comment by enoezam

that martin’s old trans?

Comment by kaitaiya

Naw, I stole the idea though, plus I had spare cans.

Comment by bkh808

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